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Me and Cleo met each other during a summer evening and since that day we have always been together. She wasn’t a photographer but she has always loved photography as art and as a way to collect the most important memories of life. Photography has always been in my life: when I was a child my father and my grandfather loved to shoot pictures and to develop them in their garage. I started taking photo at the age of 20, now I can say that I couldn’t live my life without photography.
Since 2011 we are members of “Tau Visual”, national association of professional photographers of Italy

We believe that bride and groom must enjoy their wedding day and don’t care about photos. The pictures we take are always shot for a storytelling of that day. We like to be discreet and never invasive, always trying to create a peaceful atmosphere between us and the couple. We want you to “feel at home” during the wedding day so that we can tell your emotions in a most genuine way. We love shooting with natural light, the most beautiful light in the world. I think we can define ourselves as wedding photojournalists: our goal is to tell the story of the entire day through significant and emotional pictures.

We believe that every camera has its language. We love to shoot with different kind of cameras such as our full frame Nikon digital bodies and Fujifilm X. We are always experimenting and we love film photography: during the wedding we always bring with us Polaroid Sx-70 and Fujifilm Instax, as well as some old film cameras.

We love to travel and having long walks with our dogs: we have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Baudo and Mike. They are the love of our lives. We feel influenced by a lot of different things, and we believe that every of them is reflected in our pictures.

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