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"The quality of his photos is absolutely incomparable; he flawlessly captured the magic of us together."
Lucy & Marc

The one


In my books, to preserve a couple’s greatest memories means to do everything in reverse, or rather crossways. A wedding story is always born of existing stories, the latter breathing life into the former. This means to have images that nod to your story so far, your story “in the now”, to the best you can be, and the pursuit of your dreams”

From the most frenzied moments,

to those when you get to slow down, creating a contemplative and circular collection for my clients is the core of my work.

A journey's journal

Reflections on my journey as a photographer, weddings magical just as a wedding couple’s vision, stories of inspiration, travels, and celebration of all things beautiful, plus some powerful conversations with creators, wedding planners, and wedding industry pros, make this Journal a lovely read

Press & Praise

Candor, intimacy, sincerity, G.M's wedding visuals tell stories of charm that look inwards.

The Print Shop

Exquisite Fine art prints for your home

Simple, sophisticated vistas, street scenes & portraiture

when the more tranquil day can be a real beehive.

Discover prints to hang and to gift.

A Gram a Day

Sharing some beauty with the world over Instagram, vignettes of wonderful wedding days, incredible teams coming together to honor romance, love and connection.