29 December 2019

10 Knockout Proposal Ideas for 2021


Thinking about getting hitched? Perhaps the global pandemic has made you realize that you don’t want to waste any more time, and you are planning your proposal for as soon as you can possibly make it! But a year or more of lockdowns, employment worries and more have fried your brain and you can’t think of any cool ways to propose that will be covid-safe but romantic! Don’t worry about that, here are ten knockout proposal ideas for 2021.

Hire an Entire Bar

Many bars and eateries are still enforcing social distancing and are not quite maximizing returns on their available space. As a result, many of them will be happy to close their premises to the public for a night so that you can invite family, friends and vaccinated others to see you pop the question while everyone drinks, socializes and has a good time!

Make a Photo Album

Have a look on your social media feeds since the beginning of your relationship and print off all the cute images of the two of you together, or your favorite pics of your partner. Then, place them into a photo album that charts the course of your relationship from meeting until present day – you can even include things like ticket stubs, and theater programs to remind them of special times. Of course, the last page should be your proposal: either the ring stuck (securely!) on the page, or just the question. In this way, not only do you surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift, but they get to keep their proposal forever!

Not Going Out

If you or they are vulnerable, or just don’t want to risk getting infected, if you are in a state with a high level of cases, then you can transform a room in your shared home into a wonderful special place in which to make your proposal. A couple of large posters of your favorite cities, some beautifully scented flowers, and the speedy removal of clutter can transform any space into a faux-holiday destination (and for a fraction of the price too!)

Zoom It

We’re doing everything by Zoom these days: work, pub quizzes, socials and open mics – why not proposals too? If your families are close, you could invite them along and surprise your partner with a proposal, or if you live together, you could call her from another room! 0


But if asking your soulmate to marry you over a computer screen does not appeal, you can do it another way, even if you are currently living apart. Send a proposal cake (complete with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, bottle of wine and a small gift) with your proposal written in frosting and wait for her to call you! Make sure you have a smaller version of the cake to hand so you can celebrate together!

Parks Reopen

The national parks are beautiful and very safe, being outdoors. If you are both cabin-feverish and want to get out and about, hit your nearest national park and wait until there is a superb view and the right frame of mind, then get down on one knee and see what happens next!

First Date Revisited

Return to scene of your first date and pop the question there. You can act surprised, as though you had forgotten your first date, only to surprise her with the proposal!

Landmark Occasion

If there is a landmark in your hometown that you both like, why not choose that as the destination for your proposal? Not only is it already special to both of you, but it is sure to become more so once she says ‘yes’!

Just for You

The days of extreme sociability might be over for the duration, with couples’ events now just for the couple, friends and families no longer included. While this can be sad for those who love company, it can also be a very sweet moment just for the two of you. And the advantage of that is that you can surprise your partner on the spur of the moment, should circumstances arrange themselves suitably!

Design a Unique Engagement Ring

The ring is the long-lasting part of the proposal, so design one that suits your relationship and your partner. Browse 1 carat diamond rings at Whiteflash for inspiration and prepare to amaze your girl with your thoughtfulness!