2 April 2020

A Wedding planner in Maremma: an interview with Lucia Saltalamacchia

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Pic by Les Anagnou

Getting married in Tuscany is a dream for many couples,

and that is why I decided to interview a young and talented wedding planner living and working in Maremma, a “less known” area of Tuscany. I have met Lucia during a meeting of wedding vendors, she was the coordinator of the event and I really liked his positive energy and enthusiasm in what she does.

Hi Lucia! Why did you choose to become a wedding planner?

Hi Gabriele! when I chose to start doing this job, 10 years ago, I realized that what is stressful and difficult for others is fascinating and stimulating for me. After all, I’ve always been a planner, since I was a child: When I was a little girl I often played to organize the days of my “Barbie” dolls!

You are living (and working) in Tuscany, one of the “most wanted” destinations for weddings. What makes Tuscany so special?

Tuscany is special because it is a region that encompasses all the beauty of Italy: from the mountains to the sea, passing through the winding hills up to the most beautiful cities of art. Tuscany offers unique landscapes in the world. Have you ever stopped to watch a sunset in a Tuscan village, between wheat fields and the scent of oil?

Maremma is a Tuscan area that is “less popular”, maybe, but it has to offer a variety of stunning locations between the countryside and the seaside. Are there any “hidden treasure” in this area that you would recommend? 

Maremma is undoubtedly less popular than Mother Tuscany, but believe me, it is an earthly paradise. Those who do not know it must definitely visit Monte Argentario and go around the promontory through the panoramic road that connects Porto Ercole to Porto Santo Stefano, stopping to have a coffee in the old part of Porto Ercole to discover the streets where Caravaggio spent part of his life. I would certainly invite you to visit Pitigliano, the fascinating little Jerusalem built on the tuff. A regenerating bath at the Terme di Saturnia should not be missing … but I could really continue to the last meter of territory. 

pic by Marco Solari

Why should a couple hire a wedding planner?

The wedding planner sees things objectively and professionally, knows how to advise the right choice taking into account all the necessary factors. 

What inspires you?

Three things are inspiring to me: Beauty, sunny days and the deep blue sea.

What is the best (and the worst!) part of your job?

The best part of a wedding is at the end of the wedding day when the bride and groom hug me. In their warmth, there is all my satisfaction, human and professional. The worst part for me is the initial one when I have to deal with my fee.

pic by Marco Miglianti

Where do you start while planning a wedding?

I always start from an informal meeting with the spouses. I love to hear them talk about themselves, listen to their dreams and desires and pick up what they say but above all what they let us understand. After the first meeting, I put down on paper my impressions and the project that inspired me. To date, I have performed well in almost all 110 events organized.

We are living a difficult moment due to the spreading of Covid-19. If you could give a piece of advice to a couple that is going to get married, which one would it be?

In this difficult moment I would tell him not to lose hope and keep smile high because everything will be fine and even to couples who will have to postpone their wedding I remember that sweaty things are always the most beautiful! 

Thank you so much for this lovely interview, Lucia!

Thanks to you Gabriele. I am really happy to have met you on my way!