Hi there,
I am Gabriele.

Something About me

Photography has always been in my life: when I was a child my father and my grandfather loved to shoot pictures and to develop them in their garage. I started taking photo at the age of 20, now I can say that photography is not just my work, photography is my life.

I believe that bride and groom must enjoy their wedding day and don’t care about photos. I like to be discreet and never invasive, always trying to create a peaceful atmosphere between me and the couple. I want you to “feel at home” during the wedding day so that I can tell your emotions in a most genuine way. I love shooting with natural light, the most beautiful light in the world. I think we can define ourselves as wedding photojournalists: our goal is to tell the story of the entire day through significant and emotional pictures. My style is an hybrid, I am influenced by so many things that is hard to define in just a word. Because of my discreet approach I can define my style mostly photojournalistic: after ceremony, by the way, I love to have a portrait session with the bride and groom, always keeping a natural and modern style. 


I define myself as a curious person: I always love to learn new things. When I don’t hang around with my cameras I love to: 

  • play my bass guitar! In my next life I pretend to be a rockstar...
  • Have long walks with my two lovely cavalier king charles spaniel dogs, Baudo and Mike
  • Discover new places in the world: every place I visit inspire me so much, I can say that it is vital for my work and for me as a person
  • Read books, especially photography books.
  • Playing videogames! I grew up in the 80s/90s and videogames remind me the childhood days... 


If you want to know more about me and my photographic style or if you have any question, photography related or not, head on to the contact page and drop me a line!

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