Wedding Photographer Prices

When talking about “wedding photography”, we know that one of the most important keyword searched on google is “Wedding photography prices”, “wedding reportage price” or “wedding photographer prices”.  When it comes to prices about wedding photographer, bride and groom should consider some elements.

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Best Wedding Locations in Umbria

Wedding Locations in Umbria

Umbria is such a wonderful place for a wedding. You might find a peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by nature, you can choose a romantic medieval castle or an exclusive luxury locations. Umbria has a lot to offer, here is a list of our favorite places for a wedding.

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About Engagement Shooting

We love to shoot engagement when possible. It gives us the opportunity to know the couple better that is going to be married and it’s a way to make them feel more relaxed and comfortable during the wedding day photoshoot. We usually plan the engagement 2 or 3 months before the wedding.

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