Destination Wedding Tuscany Castle

Destination Wedding Tuscany Castle

A romantic celebration in Chianti’s Hills

A medieval Castle, surrounded by vineyards and wonderful landscapes. Castello il Palagio was the perfect setting for Tiffany & Stephen’s destination wedding in Chianti. The newlyweds came from the UK to celebrate their marriage in this romantic area of Italy, where the countryside offers amazing views on the hills and wine is one of the most famous in the world.

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Wedding Ceremony in Pieve di Santo Stefano

Tipphany & Stephen celebrated their Catholic wedding In Pieve di Santo Stefano, a typical medieval church quite close from Castello il Palagio. The bride reached the church by a classic Bentley car together with her father. I will never forget their first look: as soon as Stephen met Tipphany walking down the aisle he burst into tears (and that was absolutely perfect because I love to capture raw emotions!)

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Wedding in Castello il Palagio

At the end of the ceremony, while all the guests reached the wedding venue, we stopped by the vineyards to shoot some portraits. I was very happy with the final results of this session: when I have the right light, a perfect background (such as Tuscany!) and a gorgeous couple my work is just to document those moments! Right after portraits, the couple arrived in Castello il Palagio where they enjoyed their guests for an aperitif. The venue was perfectly set up by Pia, owner of Olive in love (destination wedding planner in Tuscany). The newlyweds were greeted in the castle’s courtyard by their friends and families and the speeches during the dinner were absolutely touching. The day ended up with the cutting of a puff-pastry layered fruit cake, right after that the wedding party started for the newlyweds and their guests!

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