22 January 2020

Fall in love with Japan

Travel Notes

Hanami is the famous Japanese custom of admiring the cherry blossoms that turn parks and gardens romantic shades of pink. But Japan’s centuries-old culture is full of poetry, beauty, and harmony in all seasons and in every small everyday gesture. From its irresistible autumn landscapes that offer fiery reds and golds, to the famous spring season with a kaleidoscope of petals, to the summer sun that shines on the beaches of the heavenly island of Okinawa, all the way to the snowy winter landscapes, such as the iconic silhouette of Mt. Fuji. Japan is the ultimate romantic destination where you will enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon thanks to such a wide array of natural, historic, and artistic attractions. From the vibrant capital of Tokyo, a vertical metropolis with its varied neighborhoods : the traditional Asakusa and Ueno areas, elegant Ginza and Omotesando with so many famous buildings by starchitects, all the way to sparkling Shibuya with its endless neon-lit nights. From ryokans, the traditional inns where you can sleep on tatami mats and futons and relax wearing soft yukata robes, to the glamping sites surrounded by nature, all the way to the most luxurious international hotels. Plan an itinerary that best suits your tastes but make sure to not miss out on magical places like Kyoto, “ the city of 1, 000 temples ”, which is full of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Then there ‘ s fascinating Nara, home to sacred places as well as many deer. The central region of Chubu is more off the beaten path and perfect for hiking. Time seems to have stood still here from the days of the samurais. And that ‘s not to mention Japanese cuisine, which is famous the world over.

SOURCE: Vogue Wedding Magazine