Welcome to my Journal

Noting down the softer, more subtle thoughts that usually race past, practicing mindfullness, and getting an eyeful of fabulous inspiration. Grab a glass of vino and come away with me.


1. Nourishing Stories
& behind the scenes


Nourishing walks of life that slipped between the pages and created stories in their own image. This journal section is dedicated to events I have documented and keep inspiring my fondest memories.

Nourishing Stories


2. Travel Notes
& destinations to covet


As a destination wedding photographer I constantly venture further, sometimes because of my clients' passion to explore, and others for the adventure I knew was awaiting. 10 years and thousands of images later, I've found that an occasional stop-over can make for an incredible snippet in a story told with images. Perhaps one of these pages inspires your next destination, your wedding day or the events of your lifetime. Come along!

Travel Notes


What has been inspiring me lately
& a dash of panache


Inspiration can come from anywhere- landscapes, icons, great love stories, architecture, literature and fashion. This is another kind of Journal entry, one that is intented for those who speak the language of the world, nostalgia, romance, and finer things in life, just like you and me.

What has been inspiring me lately