5 February 2020

Latest reading: “Tiziano Terzani” – A Fortune Teller told me


Tiziano Terzani is an Italian writer

A few days ago I finally managed to start reading “A Fortune-Teller told me” from Tiziano Terzani. I found this reading very inspiring because it encourages not only to travel but also to discover all the small things that happen in front of our eyes.

“Every place is a goldmine. You have only to give yourself time, sit in a teahouse watching the passers-by, stand in a corner of the market, go for a haircut. You pick up a thread – a word, a meeting, a friend of a friend of someone you have just met – and soon the most insipid, most insignificant place becomes a mirror of the world, a window on life, a theatre of humanity.”

Tiziano Terzani