20 April 2020

The importance of wedding florals


Floral arrangements are one of the most scenic parts of a wedding. They can add great value to a location, they can be a perfect background for pictures and a floral bouquet adds a touch of color and uniqueness to a bride. In this interview, Markéta Motlovà, creative director of Inspirito, tells us the importance of wedding florals.

Tell me a bit about your story, how did you get started and why?

I founded INSPIRITO after 6 years of working in finance as an auditor and financial controller. I realized that life with „numbers“  is nothing for me anymore and decided to make a profound change in my life and to follow my dream. I went to Holland for the basic floral course and so my floral life began. Is has already been 15 years since then.

Where does “Inspirito”, the name of your company, comes from?

Initially, I was thinking about what are the things that inspire me. Nature, people, art, fragrances, materials so many things just around us … just to observe carefully with passion … so I was playing around with the Czech word „inspirace“, English word „inspiration“ and that is how the INSPIRITO came into life.

Are there any elements that makes the difference creating a flower setup for a wedding?

What I really do like about the weddings and it is very different from the other events, that it is soooo personal. People love to incorporate their favorite flowers, colors, materials even eg. the flowers loved by their moms, grandmothers. So there are always quite a lot of the elements that we have to take into account while working on the concept for the whole wedding.

What about destination weddings in Prague (and Czech Republic, generally speaking)? Are they popular?

I would say more than half of our weddings are destination weddings, either one from the couple is Czech or both bride and the groom are foreigners. Since Prague is such a charming city and we also have beautiful places outside of the Prague it is not a surprise😊. Also I really enjoy meeting people from different places all over the world, it is always very inspiring experience. 

How do you differentiate from other floral designer?

To be honest I do not think about it this way. I just believe that it is important to be yourself, love your work and do what you like and feel with passion. And when it comes to the cooperation with the clients it appears to be crucial to listen very carefully to be able to deliver the design that will fit the client´s expectations😊

Is there a color palette or any tones that you prefer?

I generally prefer muted, natural, earthy colors and love all the shades of green.

What drives your inspiration?

Inspired by life and nature, just observing the world around with my eyes open wide, I love nature, structures of different materials, architecture, art, travelling it all inspires me a lot.

Which are the most frequent questions from the brides? And what do you think they should care the most?

My brides often ask about seasonal flowers, we also often discuss the color scheme, how to decorate the wedding location, what we will focus on the most, style of the floral design taking into account overall wedding concept, wedding dress and other essential parts like stationary, bridal party dresses, etc.

Let’s talk about personal projects. We have met in Prague for a photoshoot and I know that you take part in several styled shoots. Nowadays, how important is to keep working on personal projects and which are the benefits of being published on international wedding blogs?

I really enjoy working on styled shoots because it is much different it the way that you can create whatever comes to your mind, it is a freestyle discipline which is always very enriching. I usually manage 2 or 3 shoots a year and of course if our work catches an eye of the international blogs it is always a very good feeling😊, the world is very connected and so is our wedding business.

Are there any tips that you would like to share with a couple that is planning their wedding?

I believe the main thing is to be yourself and think about the event in the way that you and your guests will feel good and special and enjoy every moment of the day. I know that it is simple to say but not so easy to do😊, but I hope that it should be the main aim. Design is, of course, an important part of the wedding but should not play the main role at all, just to add the spirit, beauty and atmosphere to the wedding.

Thank you so much Markéta for this lovely interview!

It has been my pleasure to be featured on your journal, Gabriele!



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