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From home to its antipodes via everything in between. If you're a bit like me you probably love pilling up stories about places and then comparing your travel notes. It is a restless world out there and when a wedding is the reason why, you can count on me to follow. I'm always interested in new locations and places to spark my creativity. My homeland, Italy is one of the most beautiful and most diverse wedding destinations, from the compelling Lake Como and its sophisticated villas, to the sparkly Tyrrenian sea.
The bridge between cultures and the truly eye-opening ways of witnessing love is my most compelling reason to pack my gear and follow you across the globe, to marvelous places where your hearts skip a beat.
Contact me directly for an update on my upcoming travels, and even you haven't yet booked your destination wedding event, perhaps we can meet along the way and make some magic happen.


Εach season there is at least one more incredible wedding destination to fuel my couples' dreams and set their wedding, engagement, or honeymoon celebration plans on for some far-flung adventures! Feel free to explore my current year's travel dates. Even if your wedding plans are for the coming season get in touch with me for an update on my travel date agenda. I'd love to meet you at the destination you have chosen and make it unforgettable.


Rome, Verona, London
Morocco, New York, Florence
Dubai, French Riviera, Tuscany
Lake Como, Sicily, Tuscany, Capri
Venice, Lake Como

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