13 June 2019

Why it is important to book an engagement photoshoot

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I am pretty sure that you are landed on this page because you aren’t sure if you need to have an engagement photoshoot taken by a professional photographer. Or maybe you are wedding photographers just like me and you are trying to explain to your clients why it is important to book an engagement photoshoot.

What is an engagement photoshoot?

An engagement photo shoot is a collection of couple portraits taken by a professional photographer before the wedding. Usually, it is shot a few months before the wedding, even if there is not a real timetable about when to take pictures for the engagement. I think that engagement photoshoot is really important, both for the photographer and the couple: in this post, I want to give you some reason why I think it is really worth to book a professional photographer for your engagement.

I love when couples relax in front of my camera and enjoy the moment

To take time for yourself before the wedding

The months leading up to the wedding are really special moments full of emotions. There are also plenty of things to do, and we all know that it might be stressful. An engagement photoshoot is a chance to slow down, relax, and take time for yourself. It is also an opportunity to show the world your amazing engagement ring!

To get comfortable in front of the camera

Let’s be honest, most of us are really great with selfies (except me!): but what happens when we are in front of a camera? Consider the engagement session as a “photographic training”. It is a great opportunity to get confident while your photographer takes portraits of you. It is also a chance to know better your photographer and establish a relationship. What I usually do before a portrait session is having a simple conversation with the couple trying not to talk about photographic topics. This makes the couple feel at home during the photoshoot because they are not having pictures taken by a stranger! The time you spent while training has two benefits: it will make you save time during the wedding day because you already know the best poses and you will have better results with the wedding pictures because you already know how a photoshoot works.

An engagement session is a perfect occasion for getting comfortable in front of the camera

To understand if its the perfect choice for your wedding

It might happen that you are not sure about which photographer is the right one for your wedding. Then you might consider booking an engagement photoshoot that will help you choose the right one. If you liked the engagement pictures I am sure that you will love the wedding ones, if you are not satisfied you can always change your mind and go for another photographer.

Engagement pictures are versatile

You can use them for the wedding invites, for the guest book, you can post them on your wedding website or social media, or simply have beautiful prints hanging on your walls.

To experiment on new possibilities!

Unlike wedding day, during an engagement, you don’t have time scheduled (except the ones agreed with the photographer). Take your time to experiment poses and different locations, speak to the photographer and find the best solutions. I am sure that these tips will help you a lot at the wedding!

Not only sunsets and landscape for engagement session… experiment something new!

How much does engagement photoshoot cost?

Prices for an engagement photoshoot varies, depending on the photographer, from the country and also from how many hours you decide to book the photographer. Usually, it goes from 150$ to 350$ and many photographers decide to include a free engagement photoshoot when booking a wedding photoshoot.

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