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Planning a wedding is a stimulating and fascinating activity but it’s not an easy task. Here you will find some tips to make your destination wedding’s organization easier and some important suggestion for choosing the photographer.

If you are planning a destination wedding and you live thousands miles away from the location you have chosen for your marriage, you have to consider previously, some important things and details.

There are a lot of details you have to define and every single piece of this “puzzle” will make your wedding unique.

A wedding planner can help you with the organization of course, but the real difficult part is to decide  which vendor will be the one you choose.

How to make the memories of the wedding everlasting? The fundamental role of a photographer

The strong emotions and bit of stress may affect the memories of that great day. What can we do to remember all the single details of your wedding day?

There are two fundamental things you can do: some relaxing exercises the morning of the wedding and, choosing a good and professional photographer.

Choosing the right photographer is one of the most important choices for your wedding, and it is even more important if it is a destination wedding.

Which are the most important features to consider while choosing the ideal wedding photographer?

  • Knowledge of English language: it may seem obvious but, in fact, not every photographer can speak a good English. This element may cause more than a problem, specially if you have to change something or make a special request to them. Destination weddings are a trending business at the moment and a lot of photographers are going into that business, but sometimes they barely know how to speak English! I highly recommend scheduling a video call before signing any contract in order to evaluate if you are able to communicate in a easy and clear way with them
  • The perfect style: The most popular photographic styles for weddings are two: reportage (also known as photo-journalistic) and posed. By reportage, it is meant to tell what happens during the day in a natural way. The photographer will have a non-intrusive approach, being present throughout the whole day and almost “invisible” at the same time. By doing this the photographer will be able to capture significant, emotional and natural picture of everything happening during the wedding day. Photographers with a traditional/posed style are more “present” during the day, acting like  directors for bride and groom. By doing this they will create images, following consolidated poses, that will follow their personal taste (o style?), creating a less natural style of the photos. There is also a mixture between these two styles: in this case the photographer, for instance, may give some suggestion for poses during the bride and groom portraits. So, if you are planning a destination wedding, first of all, you have to decide which style you prefer, the reportage or the posed style, then, I suggest to ask the photographer if  they use only natural lights or also artificial lights (strobes or else), if they use analog cameras as well as digital ones, if they take group pictures and if they agree to follow a shot list that you propose
Posed (left) vs Reportage (right). Which one do you prefer?
  • Knowledge of the location: a photographer who has already shot several weddings in a certain location will help you to find the best spots for taking unforgettable pictures. By the way I don’t consider this an “absolute rule”: I have probably  taken some of the best pictures in places I have never been before, so consider to add a little bit of “adventure” in this aspect can be a great option!
portrait of bride and groom in Amalfi Coast Ravello during a Destination Wedding
  • Delivery time: Once you have come back home after your destination wedding, I am pretty sure that you will be dying to see the pictures of your very special day. Be clear upon this point with your photographer and put on the contract the delivery time of the whole photoshoot. Waiting for several months (sometimes even a year!) for your wedding pictures might be something that you don’t really want. Personally, I deliver pictures within 60 days from the wedding day because I know that after a long trip, you will be willing to see (and share with friends and parents) the pictures that remind your wedding day!
  • Empathy: The right relationship among photographer and bride and the groom is the one based on the trust. For this reason is very important to choose a photographer that is able to empathize with you, to understand your needs and capable of listening to you.
  • Price: A professional wedding photographer guarantees the quality of a detailed service, delivering the final product properly and in good time. He/she does his/her work with professional equipment and will be covered against any risk. The price for a wedding photo shoot includes the hours spent by the photographer during the wedding to shoot and capture all the important moments of the celebration, the editing part, the hours spent with you before a wedding and all the years of experience that is putting at your disposal.

Choosing professionals makes the organization of your destination wedding easier

It is worth to entrust to professionals the organization of your destination wedding. All the professionals have a great responsibility and choosing them is the most difficult part of the organization. But do not worry about this! In Italy there are a lot of professional people ready to help you.

I will be very honoured to be your destination wedding photographer in Italy!

Me, Gabriele 🙂

I can travel all around Italy to follow and capture your italian wedding!
I love to travel and meet people and, of course, to shoot wedding celebration!

If you want to have more information about my style, my way of work and if you want to meet me, please fill the contact form and I will contact you as soon as possible!

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