About me

It was sheer discipline that took me from “trade to vision” as my work began in 2004 on the field of photojournalism. Delighted in gleaning the instant, the raw, the unapologetically real, capturing the vision of humanity, casting my photographic nets in the contemporary and the honest of things. There was a world of dignity and solidarity, a world of fleeting social events out there, turning into my school for the greater picture. I plucked from the streets a bouquet of encounters and scenes, the “prima facie”, and the humour.
Six years forward found me in the world of alta moda, couture, and wearing my heart on my sleeve. I’d craft photographs of stills, people who stare into the lens willing to be taken, the eloquence of textures and billowing silhouettes, the teasing wink of fashion and the personas it creates. There was the glamour, the freedom, and above all, style. I’d spend my days studying how a gown moves, how a jewel hungs, in full creative bliss. Yes, this was my second school. Feeding myself on beautiful things.

In 2010 my first wedding was the serendipitous twist of the plot. The 2010’s gave the world weddings of epic proportions, two royal weddings, and that’s if one excludes all of the Hollywood royalty that tied the knot. It was a wild ride for sure, the inspiration, how intentional and empowered modern brides came to be, and that liberating sense of freedom in wedding design made me feel one with who I photographed.
Today it’s all about communicating those implicit but fleeting days – a tender complicity if you like. My winning smile and clear of gaze come from feeling so rich, being able to provide my clients with an all-sensory experience. Their mythic moments and sublime style, an unmistakable sense of place, and their sheer testimony of Love, all wrapped up in sophisticated visuals. There is a little rock and roll involved, some fine geography, intensely personal to each, photography that stands for everything they are.





a 90ies kid, a movie buff (a nostalgic looper in fact) --- a constant dreamer and a roamer, who will jump to any excuse to taste a fine Scotch --- an incurable bass player and a foodie who feels there's nothing better to share with your loved ones than a steamy delicious dish (cucina contadina is my thing) and vino by the fireplace --- deep down a perfectionist, an obvious romantic -I still can't count the days to find myself with my two childhood friends --- I relish time with my beloved getting the best out of life in travels near and far --- that is of course when I'm not shooting beautiful brides and grooms ---- a proud dad of two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Baudo & Mike who are apparently the bosses of the house.




"Since we pranced into Gabriele's life, his physical condition instantly improved. We will descend from our royal high horse for a backyard frolic or a squirrel chase, as long as there are plush cushions and some cucumber sandwiches arriving during afternoon tea. You may think it is our genteel expressions and our distinguished manners that made Gabriele melt, but we assure you: tis not a work of force but skill to find the way into man's will. Our management of morale had this gent head over paws in love. We will keep off his wedding photographer Skype calls, but occasionaly sneak a peek during your couple meetings to make sure everything runs fine and dandy. Kindly meet us for petting and welcome licks if you decide to pay Gabriele a visit at the studio, and if your royal pup hath decide to cum ring-bearer on your nuptials, we shall be barking paws up darling!"
Our sincere best,
Baudo & Mike