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A romantic wedding in the style of Botticelli – Inspiration Wedding in Tuscany

When you think about Tuscany one of the very first thing you will probably think about is “Renaissance”. Together with the amazing team of Divina Fortezza we decided to style a wedding inspired by the work of Sandro Botticelli.

The shooting was held in Fortezza di Poggio Imperiale, an exclusive historic location, unique in the world for its architectural conformation and hidden symbolic meanings. Situated in Poggibonsi, a city in the Chianti area, this fortress was built near the close of the 1400s at the behest of Lorenzo il Magnifico de Medici. The design of this building was literally inspired by the Renaissance philosophy so we thought it was the best choice for our styled wedding shoot.

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Why it is important to book an engagement photoshoot

I am pretty sure that you are landed on this page because you aren’t sure if you need to have an engagement photoshoot taken by a professional photographer. Or maybe you are wedding photographers just like me and you are trying to explain to your clients why it is important to book an engagement photoshoot.

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Why Italy is the perfect choice for destination weddings

honeymoon portraits couple in front of colosseum Rome

Italy is a land full of history that offers a wide range of different natural landscapes, sea, mountains, lakes and hills and huge numbers of art heritage villages and cities. Aside from this, Italy is well-known for its mild climate, tasty food, and great wine. For this reason “Made In Italy” is synonymous of great quality, beauty, and good life!

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Your destination wedding photographer in Italy: profile of a professional

Planning a wedding is a stimulating and fascinating activity but it’s not an easy task. Here you will find some tips to make your destination wedding’s organization easier and some important suggestion for choosing the photographer.

If you are planning a destination wedding and you live thousands miles away from the location you have chosen for your marriage, you have to consider previously, some important things and details.

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Unforgettable Wedding Moments

Couple photoshoot Honeymoon Rome

The wedding by itself is already unforgettable, but there are a few moments that stay forever in both our and the hearts of our guests. Here is how to turn your wedding into something neither you nor your guests will ever forget.

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