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Frequntly Asked Questions



Where are you based?

My base is in Umbria, one of the most sought after wedding destinations in Italy. You've probably witnessed some incredible scenes in La Badia di Orvieto weddings. Yes we Umbrians are so proud of our 12th-century gem. But there are tons of locations that will capture your fancy. If you are planning on getting married in Umbria, let me guide you, share insights of the best locations, venues and fabulous activities your guests can enjoy and of course give you a tour. I promise you will fall in love twice!


Do you travel?

Absolutely yes! Being a destination wedding photographer I will follow my couples everywhere their hearts take them and capture their love around the globe, from the all-magical Greek islands, to the most wonderful European destinations. In fact, this year my plans include the ever so charming Lake Como, the towns of the Amalfi Coast, Florence Tuscany, Venice, the South of France, Morocco, and the ever dashing NYC. Should you wish us to meet there or anywhere in between contact me and let's weave your beautiful story together.


What kind of events do you usually shoot?

All kinds! I have had the pleasure of capturing quite extended weddings, three-day events, elaborate affairs and intimate ones, elopements, religious, interfaith, cultural, and symbolic ones. Love is grand and no matter how people choose to celebrate it. It keeps my creativity soar and my Journal packed with stories to tell.


We are planning to have an elaborate wedding event which requires more coverage. Can we count on you?

Absolutely! Choosing to spend more days celebrating your wedding with your loved ones will give me the opportunity to make an incredible collection of images for you. I usually arrive at destination weddings one day prior so that I get a chance to meet you and your people and show you all the love you deserve. I will tirelessly work to achieve the best photographic results and if you would like me to stay a little extra I will be thrilled to capture your honeymoon too!


Do you shoot weddings with an assistant?

If the size of an event requires more coverage I will happily collaborate with an equally well-versed fellow photographer, whose style alligns with mine. I aim to provide my couples with the images they so much deserve. The final edit is done by me so that my clients get to enjoy imagery exactly as they wished to receive when booking me.


Do you offer videography?

My master craft is wedding photography and I'm devoted to creating the perfect images for my clients. If you are in need of a talented cinematographer to capture the video of your wedding I will be more than happy to provide you with recommendations from a list of top artists in Italy and beyond.


Do you work with vendors?

I love collaborations, so yes! If you haven't yet booked your wedding planner, your florist, your venue or even your wedding dress designer or headpiece-smith it would give me great pleasure to help out. I'm so fortunate as to have worked with the finest creatives of the wedding industry, and, if asked for guidance, I will advise my clients on their vendors.


Can we book you to shoot our engagement?

By all means. I love shooting engagements, which are in my books one of the most special times in a couple's new chapter in life. The engagement guide you will receive once you have booked with me will make things easy for you in organizing your session, as it is packed with useful pieces of advice and inspiration. Let me just say you can have incredible images during your engagement and enjoy yourselves in the process. Whether you are planning an Italy destination engagement, an engagement moon or a couple shooting closer to home, contact me and I will meet you there!


How soon in advance can we book you?

Most of my clients book their wedding photography services about a year in advance and my engagement photography services about 7 months prior. That said, I will always go above my abilities to accommodate requests, even with last-minute bookings. Check out my travel dates to see where I am headed this year, and contact me directly for exact quotes.


How often can we contact you?

As the majority of communication will be virtual, from the moment we get to book your wedding we can connect from Monday to Friday from 10 to 18:00 and from 9:30 to 12:30 on Saturdays. It is all about great communication and I always suggest several Skype calls with my clients prior to their events to ensure we have completed our checklists, to micromanage details and get in the mood for amazing photography!


We have planned a destination wedding in Italy. When do we get to meet our photographer in person?

Frankly any time you wish us to meet in person I will be more than happy to see you. If you live outside Italy and you wish to have your engagement shoot closer to your home I will jump on a plane and join you. If you wish to travel to Italy prior to your destination wedding date, again nothing would give me greater pleasure than to document your Italy engagement. Would you like me to suggest the perfect places to have a destination engagement or shoot your engagementmoon portraits in Italy? My list is inexhaustible. Depending on the backdrop you love, be it in Lake Como, in Umbria, in Puglia, the Amalfi Coast or any other place, my Italy destination wedding photographer services will have you covered. Feel free to tell me what inspires you and we'll make it happen. If we don't get to meet days before your wedding, then I will make certain I arrive earlier so that we get to spend some time together and connect with you and your people.


We'd love to have a family shoot when we visit Italy, are you available?

Family is precious to me and I'd love to capture your family session wherever you choose to travel. Contact me soon as your travel arrangements are set so I can clear up my daily schedule and let's make memories for you and your loved ones! During our Skype call I will offer you the best insights on family and lifestyle photography.


When do we receive our images?

You will receive your wedding images in 3-4 months after the wedding day. First I will upload all the images on a private password-protected gallery on Cloud Storage, and a month later I will deliver you with a customized luxury box-set including Fine Art Printed Images & a USB Pen Drive and a little lovely surprise from me.


What’s a wedding like with you?

My work means being all about the essence, which means I won't simply capture your images from afar. I love to have fun, and I wish the same for you. I will get to the dance floor, move and mingle with you and your guests. I will remind you to breathe and enjoy when everything else is rushing by. I will encourage you to whisper sweet nothings and kiss "just because".
It is my goal to do our absolute best for my clients. We may hike, explore, and keep moving together, because I wish to make sure that you enjoy every speck of you big day, be it on your wedding venue or outside it. You put so much love and time into planning the single most beautiful detail and I aim to do your day justice. As I am hardly the kind of photographer who will ask you to say "cheese" and smile, you should expect to see all kinds of your emotions encapsulated in your collection of images.


Do you shoot film or digital?

I shoot Digital for the ability it gives a wedding to move freely and naturally. My trusted Digital Sony cameras and favourite Sony 35mm f1.8 and 85mm 1.8 lenses are sure to deliver you with fabulous images to treasure for life. Yet, if you desperately wish for film in your collection I'll be happy to oblige.


Do you provide RAWs?

Providing my clients with RAWs would mean only half the work handed over. My wedding photography edits are what makes your images unique, therefore I do not provide raw files. My culling process is really simple too; I take away all the test shots, duplicates, blinking eyes, and anything that looks out of focus from the collection, then fully edit and hand over my clients with fabulous images.


Do you Photoshop images?

Although I will most definitely clear up unnecessary skin marks and remove obvious distractions from your images I will not by any means apply special filters, iron out clothing, nor change how you look, as I want you to look your best natural self and extolt your true beauty.


Do you carry insurance?

Yes I do. If your venue needs a certificate of additional insurance, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can provide one for them.


Can we order our fine art products from you?

Absolutely yes. Although your online gallery comes to you with a print release, so you can download and print your images anywhere you chose, if you wish for something truly special and of value, you can immediately order through your gallery. Hop over Fine Art Prints & Coffrets to discover my collection of sophisticated photography albums and prints.