31 March 2021

Lake Como Wedding Photographer

Italian Destination Weddings Travel Notes

(image courtesy of Villa Balbiano)

A Lake Como wedding photographer surely enjoys the experience as much as brides & grooms and their guests do, given the breath-taking backdrops that this heavenly place offers. Surrounded by picturesque towns and villages, Lake Como is one of northern Italy’s most beautiful lakes and one of the country’s most prestigious jewels. The magnificent Villas, distributed along the lake’s coastline, were once owned by nobles and are, nowadays, within the world’s most favored and desired venues. When it comes to luxury destination wedding venues there is no doubt that these Villas are at the core of couples’ interest but, they are not the sole option that Lake Como presents. In fact, for the actual ceremony, there are several historical churches to choose from if religious, or many beautiful town halls, or 5-star luxury hotels. It is strongly advised to carefully consider the size of your guest list when evaluating the diverse solutions since some of the facilities can only accommodate events with a maximum of 30 attendees. However, this is not considered a downside as Lake Como wedding venues are generally best appreciated in small numbers. Beyond the dreamy scenarios and the great genuine local food tradition, there is one other thing that attracts many, and this is the very mild climate which Lake Como’s enjoys, and that enables wedding celebrations from March right until early November.

Backdrops of this kind will furtherly enhance the magic already embedded in such a special day and, not to miss a single bit of this experience it is paramount to accurately choose your Lake Como Wedding Photographer and tailor together the shooting schedule to stick to for the ‘big day’ and the follow-ups. Each of the lakeside historic villas has its own style, but they all do share common characteristics such as extensive gardens, porticos, grand interiors and, last but not least, lakeside boat access! The range of choice is extensive, from luxurious and unique to more traditional and rustic style venues, and these contrasting locations can be combined either on the wedding day, or over the course of a wedding weekend. The ceremony may take place, say, in one of the villas’ lush gardens, followed by a private lake cruise which will take you and your guests right to the wedding reception. All you need to do is select the options and arrangements you like best and it will be my pleasure to take astonishing, remarkable wedding pictures.


Villa Erba in Lake Como

Historic Villas in Lake Como

Villas situated along the coastline help creating the unmistakable look of Lake Como. The little village of Tremezzina, located on the western banks of Lake Como, is the one area seen as ‘the Riviera’ of the lake and hosts some of the iconic villas such as Villa Balbiano and Villa Sola Cabiati. In both villas, either civil or just symbolic ceremonies can be held. Villa Balbiano is dated back to the 16th century and, with almost three acres of gardens, two swimming pools, and private access to the lake, is designed to meet even the most demanding guests’ request. The impressive gateway leads to Italian-style gardens adorned with statues, magnificent fountains, and pergolas. Villa Sola Cabiati, an artistic masterpiece in baroque style, is the private residence of Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Harking back to the hedonism of the Belle Époque, it features original stuccoes and frescoes which adorn the grand dining salons and it is from here that you can get one of the most striking views over the waters. Another iconic site that should undoubtedly be considered is Villa Erba. Located in the village of Cernobbio, this villa enjoys great popularity thanks to the movie ‘Ocean’s Twelve’, which was filmed right in here. The interiors are still fitted with series of original ornaments and the immense botanical park features a romantic wrought iron cupola, which makes it the perfect ceremony spot.

Luxury Hotels in Como Lake

5-star hotels located on the shore of the lake are just as stunning as villas are, but probably a better option to accommodate bigger numbers if this is your case. Hotel Villa D’Este has been for years the residence of aristocracy, turned into a charming five-star resort in 1873. Villa D’Este is surrounded by a ten-hectare park and its rooms and suites are divided into two buildings, The Cardinal Building and The Queen’s Pavilion, both with windows and terraces overlooking the lake, hence offering exceptional views of the marina. Grand Hotel Tremezzo is another masterpiece of Lake Como and, just as Villa Sola Cabiati, is a step inside the ‘art nouveau’, which is accurately paired to the contemporary luxuries. Finally, there is the Mandarin Oriental Lago di Como. Dated back to the 18th century, this complex overlooking Lake Como offers a blend of Italian style, oriental charm, and natural beauty and features an elegantly appointed guestroom for an incredible staying. The resort is a superb compromise of excellence, romanticism, and relaxation, as it has the largest Spa in the area. Whichever your expectations will be, they will surely be exceeded!

Mandarin Oriental in Lake Como


The entire perimeter of Lake Como is studded with charming villages and towns, with Bellagio, Varenna, and Como city being the most popular ones. Bellagio’s boat service will make it possible to reach other wonderful places, such as Tremezzina and Menaggio, in a matter of minutes. For those into hiking, there are many beautiful natural trails winding through the woods, right at the bottom of the towering Alps. Furthermore, Lake Como’s location allows day trips to near main cities such as Milano, Bergamo, and Venice. If there is spare time, it is surely worth going to take a look at their beauties. Try local food, eat fresh fish and fully immerse in the warmth of Italian hospitality. Get inspired by the beauty of Lake Como and its surroundings and just find the place that feels right to you, this will make all the difference. And once it comes to choosing your Lake Como Wedding photographer, please do not hesitate to contact me.. Lake Como awaits!