"The essense of two people and their entire generation".

In my books, to preserve a couple’s greatest memories means to do everything in reverse, or rather crossways. A wedding story is always born of existing stories, the latter breathing life into the former. This means to have images that nod to your story so far, your story “in the now”, to the best you can be, and the pursuit of your dreams”.

Each wedding comes with its private, special ways, those that convey an air of the time they live in and the beautiful age in which they and their loved ones exist. That is why, when you’re in front of the lights, my wish is to bring your generation in front of the camera, As your big day unfolds, the story shall evolve from a deep well of substance… the very spirit of your love as it happens through time.

"A circular way of seeing things"

There are so many destinations and inspiring moments across your big events in life. From the most frenzied moments, to those when you get to slow down, creating a contemplative and circular collection for my clients is the core of my work.  Exchanges of love, moments of kindness and fun times are what you wish to remember. Your wedding day will come with art, with culture and couture, with simple and organic moments, but also with an explosion of hues, loud laughs, parties and lovely soirees. There is nothing more beautiful than the reality of it all captured in an elegant, undeniable collection!

"A dolce vita

state of mind"

I pride myself on forging my own path, taking cues from the old and nostalgic, the new and stirring, the timeless, the unconventional, and everything in between. You'll find me traveling the world for my brides and grooms, but also to keep the seasons of my craft fresh and growing. I draw inspiration from fashion, and the dynamic vistas, the sizzling cities I jet off to and the inevitable charm of "la dolce vita", our Italian way of living everything to the fullest. That is why documenting a wedding carries a sense of wonder in the air, of hope and liberty that feels as welcome as the summer Mediterranean sun. Rule-breakers and life-lovers, free thinkers, dreamers, doers, guess what : we’ll make quite a pair!