13 May 2019

Podere Conti: a unique and exclusive location for your destination wedding in Tuscany

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Podere Conti is a rustic but luxurious Wedding Venue in the Tuscany’s countryside. Here is an interesting interview to Cornelia, the owner of this great agriturismo

Cornelia is the owner of Podere Conti, a luxury agriturismo in Tuscany based in the Lunigiana area, between Genova and Florence. I had the pleasure to meet her during the destination wedding of Clare & Gerrard and I am very glad to introduce her activity and location.

An organically certified olive field with an old history and incredible charme

Set in an organically certified, 200-acre olive estate beneath the magnificent Apennines mountains, this 17th-century hamlet is a typical agriturismo. Corrado and English Cornelia, have lovingly renovated it whilst also raising a family.

Podere Conti’s courtyard during a Destination Wedding

Follow a winding five-kilometer drive through chestnut, hazelnut and oak forest (ensuring utter seclusion), be greeted by charming Cornelia, decant into rooms beautifully designed with Arabian (not Tuscan) flair; both spent time in Abu Dhabi. Find exquisite rugs on cotto floors, raw beams, antique screen bed heads, richly textured cushions, delicious cotton bedding, little chandeliers, creaky trunks, glass bedside lights, and breezy bathrooms with free-standing tubs and monogrammed towels… all feels uncluttered and balanced. La Tavolata, their restaurant, serves delicious estate-produced meals (game in season) against sensational valley sunsets. There’s loads to do both on the estate and off – this is heaven for free-range kids. And, with secluded nooks, poolside daybeds and hammocks in secluded crannies, it’s pretty nice for adults too. Oh, and a haunted ruin!

Can you start off by telling us more about your wedding business? How did you get started and how the business has evolved?

As soon as we opened we received requests for weddings from both Italian and non-Italian couples.  The business has grown exponentially in recent years, probably helped by social media showing events we’ve hosted.

Cornelia, owner of Podere Conti

What makes Tuscany and Podere Conti so unique?

It goes without saying that Tuscan food and wine make for an unforgettable wedding feast in the most romantic of settings.  For those looking to host an outdoors countryside wedding, Podere Conti offers a very private location set in a 200-acre working farm estate which combines rustic charm and luxurious rooms with fine dining.

Destination weddings are becoming more popular every year, where are most of the couples from?

Our couples come from all over, from the next door village to as far away as Australia!

Couple comes from all over the world for their destination wedding in Podere Conti

Why couples choose Podere Conti for their destination wedding?

I think because the location has many areas and spaces to create unique events as well as a successful restaurant in loco. One of the reasons why a couple chooses Italy is for its delicious food and our restaurant offers a wide variety of typical Italian dishes.

A typical outdoor wedding setup in Podere Conti

Which are the most popular requests from the couples who decide to celebrate their destination wedding in Tuscany?

Couples that choose Podere Conti for their wedding love to have dinner in the courtyard under the stars. I have to say that this is a must!

A dinner in the courtyard under the stars in Podere Conti

Do you have any funny or interesting story about weddings that happened in Podere Conti?

We’ve hosted weddings for couples who haven’t been able to visit the location due to distance but trusted in us enough to book blindly (and we didn’t disappoint!).

Which are the trending styles for 2019/2020 weddings?

Every year is different from each other and we host a lot of different wedding styles but I would say that Boho / Nature / Eco-friendly weddings will be the trending styles for the next wedding seasons.

A portrait of Clare & Gerrard shot during my latest destination wedding in Podere Conti

Which is the best part of your work?

When the bride and groom feel they’ve created their perfect day and come back to celebrate their anniversaries!

If you could give a piece of advice to a couple that is going to get married abroad, what would it be?

Take the time as a couple to visit the location more than once if you can so as to enjoy getting away and planning your special day together. Arrive at least one day before your guests to settle the final details before they arrive..

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