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When talking about “wedding photography”, we know that one of the most important keyword searched on google is “Wedding photography prices”, “wedding reportage price” or “wedding photographer prices”.  When it comes to prices about wedding photographer, bride and groom should consider some elements.

  • How many hours of work are involved for a photographer at a wedding?

Photographers are the only one that work before, during, and after the wedding. We want to know the couple we are going to shoot because we want them to feel comfortable during the wedding day and we usually spend time writing emails and making skype calls in order to know more details about the wedding. During the wedding day we consider a 10 to 12 hours of shooting (full coverage). Editing of a wedding takes usually 8 to 12 hours. Every wedding is a 20 to 40 hours of work for a photographer.

  • How many photographers shoot at a wedding?

We work in 2, the majority of photographers work at least in 2, so when you receive a quote always consider that the price is divided by 2!

  • Why are you so expensive?

When I started my work as a wedding photographers my friends told me: “hey, you are going to earn a lot of money in just one day!”. As a photographer, we have lot of expenses: photographic gear, editing programs, training and education, SEO, …TAXES! Just to tell some… So the final price it’s not just “a day of work”!

When you choose the right photographer for your wedding, please consider that it’s not only about the price, because probably is one of the less relevant cost in a wedding. Choose the right photographer that matches your style, fall in love with his pictures, because when you have cut the cake and the party is over, pictures and memories are the only two thing you will have left!

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